Spam Galore

Spam in the form of comments is still spam in reality!


I was looking at my blog over the past day and was wondering where were all these comments coming from. Being excited that I was even getting like 45 comments in two days, my head was spinning from my own delusions of grandeur that my blog was actually being read by people.

To my chagrin, I’ve been un-spamming many disguised spammers in the form of praise.. Very Bad…

A combination of Image:Original Barnstar.png a...

Since I moderate all my comments, I was un-spamming many comments that were obviously veiled SPAM either by botnets or by humans..

So I’ll have to be much more aggressive in my tactics in blocking SPAM. Even the WordPress Support team told me that what Akismet Blocked I was un-spamming and they left me and notice that I have to notify them that I’ve read the spamming rules that Akismet publishes and then they would remove the blurb that they have inserted on my blog site…

Oh well irrational exuberance on getting comments can only get you so far. I guess I should have noticed that the IP addresses of the comments were all the same with different names infused into the comments!

Update: I’ve now gone through all the “comment’s” that I’ve approved and realize that a majority of the comments which I moderated to be non-spam  are truly well disguised SPAM.


Author: Dads Taxi

I'm a Dad from the Central New Jersey, who sees humor in lots of things. Some of the things I write about happen to me or I see them... I'm also on the constant hunt for a bargain!


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